Tax Services

We save you time, money, and stress with our tax practice.  We do individual tax prep for federal, state, and local taxes. We are an authorized e-filer and it doesn't matter what state you live in - we have clients on both coasts thanks to an easy, secure way of sharing tax documents with our clients. You will feel especially confident with our tax work because our founder spent nearly a decade as a federal auditor - that's a valuable person to have on your side!

For small businesses, we prepare federal, state, and local business returns too. This includes sole proprietors, LLCs, partnerships, and s-corporations. We also love to work with entrepreneurs for tax planning, calculating estimated tax payments, and answer most any business tax questions you have.

Behind on your tax prep? Don't be embarrassed and don't let another year go by with that weight on your shoulder. We can catch you up! We've done that for several clients - clean slate ahead!

We also specialize in clergy taxation - reach out, pastors! Not every CPA knows the rules that apply to you!


Payroll Services

Have a small business or non-profit organization? We provide payroll services for you and your employees. We can help get your people paid on time using direct deposit. And we can advise on all the nuances of confusing payroll tax laws.

We keep you in compliance by remitting federal, state, and local payroll tax payments. We also take care of all the annual reports, quarterly reports, and the issuance of any 1099s and W-2s you need.

If you need help setting up your own payroll, we can just help with the set up too. Happy to do so.


Bookkeeping Services

Keeping the books can be very confusing and frustrating. We can help small businesses, churches, and other non-profits with their bookkeeping and keep the money straight. Even if you do the bookkeeping yourself, we can help advise on the best way for you to keep great records for your business so you're ready for tax season and have eyes on the financial data to make good business decisions.

We can provide full-service bookkeeping, work on a part-time basis for you, or simply help on an as-needed basis. Whether you want ongoing bookkeeping help or just notice that the books need cleaned up, contact us to help!

We also provide Quickbooks® consulting and training.  This is perfect for new business owners or those who want to take their bookkeeping to the next level.



Consulting Services

We provide a wide-range of consulting services to individuals and businesses.  Whether you're going through a major transition in life (kids, marriage, divorce, etc), starting a business, or anything in between, we can help.  We help with tax planning, retirement or health savings accounts, church finance, money-saving strategies, and much more.  Simply put, we know the tax and accounting rules that can help you most.  And if we don't know the answer to your question, we have all sorts of resources to research and get you the best answer.

For businesses, having a accounting advisor can be key for your confidence launching out or continuing your mission. Let's be honest - you're passionate about the work but the accounting side is a drag or really stressful to you. It's the part of the business you hate! Let us step in and ease the burden so you can focus on the work you really enjoy!  

For instance, we can help with business formations, ensuring you're business is properly set up and gives you the best tax advantages. We can also advise on tax planning, bookkeeping, and a wide range of business tax and accounting issues.  

We love working with startups, in particular. Even an hour of consulting to pick our brains will leave you more confident about how you're running the business.  Let's meet!

Don't see a service you need for you, your family, or your business? 

Contact us and see if we can help.