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As a proud self-learner, my goal is to acquire new skills instead of hiring others to do them. And then there’s taxes. I can’t overstate how glad I am that Eric swoops in and handles my tax prep - freeing me from a world of stressful paperwork. It doesn’t matter that we live 2,400 miles apart, Eric is always available when I’ve got questions. Friendly, capable, and affordable - working with Eric really takes the stress out of taxes.
— Matt Kohr, Ctrl+Paint | Seattle, WA
Managing taxes is the single biggest headache and frustration in operating my own design business. Like a fool, I’ve tried to do this on my own, and get more and more frustrated each year. I started working with Charitax a few years ago, and that black cloud of tax time is over for me. Eric is extremely informative and a breeze to work with. Now, I can get back to being an artist, and leave the accounting to a pro!
— Brandon Rike, Dark Collar | Westerville, OH
I was really, really bad at finances. Though I’d been a partner in a few businesses and grew up in a few family business, I’d never been exposed to the day-to-day financials or seen what tax prep was like. Owning my own business was trial by fire and I was failing. Eric sat down with me, gave me simple first steps to follow. Charitax is a trusted advisor. Oh and they’re absolute magicians with tax preparation.
— Adam Lehman, The Wonder Jam | Columbus, OH