We love our clients. Here's what some of them are saying about Charitax and working with Eric:

I’ve been working with Eric for about a year now and it’s been a pleasure doing business with him. Eric is very personable, likable, and can meet you on your level. Eric does a fantastic job with teaching and helping you understand the complexity of taxes. Eric is also very flexible and an all around good guy. I’ve recommended several of my friends to him and plan on recommending more. If you have any questions about Eric and want to hear more about my experience in working with him, feel free to email me: [email protected]m :)
— Doug Joseph | Principal, Serif Creative
When it comes to taxes you want someone whose got experience but also can communicate clearly and effectively. Eric gets everything done in an efficient manner and has done this all a thousand times before. Not to mention he’s really kind and part of his business is for a good cause, makes it an easy decision!
— David Sherry | CEO, Death To The Stock Photo
Tax prep is gross. I don’t have time for it but I want mine to be done as strategically as possible. Why wouldn’t an auditor for the DOD that loves helping entrepreneurs fly be at the top of the list? And they’re committing part of their profits to social causes. Charitax saves the tax day.
— Dr. Chris McAlister | CEO, SightShift
I have had the privilege of knowing Eric Bisignano since my childhood. Those days consisted of summer days of baseball, swimming at our local pool, and endless days of studying. Eric has always been trustworthy, detail oriented, and relatable. Eric used these positive attributes and turned them into a giving company called Charitax. I have been a client of Charitax since the beginning and could not be prouder of the growth Eric has made during the last few years. The sky is the limit due to Eric’s focus on giving to the community around him. I will continue to refer him to my closest family and friends.
— Matthew Martin | Realtor, Keller Williams Consultants
I was really, really bad at finances. Though I’d been a partner in a few businesses and grew up in a few family business, I’d never been exposed to the day-to-day financials or seen what tax prep was like. Owning my own business was trial by fire and I was failing. Eric sat down with me, gave me simple first steps to follow. Charitax is a trusted advisor. Oh and they’re absolute magicians with tax preparation.
— Adam Lehman | Owner, The Wonder Jam
As a proud self-learner, my goal is to acquire new skills instead of hiring others to do them. And then there’s taxes. I can’t overstate how glad I am that Eric swoops in and handles my tax prep - freeing me from a world of stressful paperwork. It doesn’t matter that we live 2,400 miles apart, Eric is always available when I’ve got questions. Friendly, capable, and affordable - working with Eric really takes the stress out of taxes.
— Matt Kohr | Instructor, Ctrl+Paint
Managing taxes is the single biggest headache and frustration in operating my own design business. Like a fool, I’ve tried to do this on my own, and get more and more frustrated each year. I started working with Charitax a few years ago, and that black cloud of tax time is over for me. Eric is extremely informative and a breeze to work with. Now, I can get back to being an artist, and leave the accounting to a pro!
— Brandon Rike | Graphic Artist, Dark Collar