Here is your checklist! 

Here are documents & info we need to do your 2017 taxes...

If something doesn't apply to you, just say N/A or ignore it!


1. your email address and your spouses email address (for electronic signatures)

2. your (and your spouse's) driver's license info (ID number, issue date, expiration date, state of issue). Or provide a picture of each if that's easier.

3. live in your current home all year?  If you moved in 2017, we need the old address and new address plus dates you lived in each place

4. marital status change in 2017?

5. have any kids in 2017?  If so, we need their SSN and full name.


6. any tax docs you’ve gotten in the mail or you've downloaded (for you & your spouse) -- this might include Forms W-2 (your wages), 1099-INT (interest earned), 1099-DIV (dividends), 1098-E (student loan interest), 1098-T (tuition paid for college), 1099-B (investment statement), 1099-R (retirement account income), K-1 (partnership income), 1098 (mortgage interest statement)

7. total retirement contributions made to SEP, Roth, or Traditional IRAs (if you contributed through W-2 job, no additional info needed) 

8. list of charitable giving OR provide giving statements from the organization

9. list of stuff you donated to Goodwill/Salvation Army/etc, if applicable - tell us where you donated, what you donated, and dates you donated

10. have an HSA (health savings account)?  Provide forms 1099-SA and 5498-SA.

11. was everyone in your family covered all 12 months of the year for healthcare? If not, who wasn't covered and what months were they not covered? If you had coverage, please provide the Form 1095-A.

12. any out-of-pocket expenses for W-2 work that were not reimbursed?


13. number of days you used the rental personally and number of days you rented it to others

14. total rents received (provide 1099-MISC forms if you received them - not common)

15. list of expenses for the business broken down into categories, preferably (we don't need receipts). Include form 1098 mortgage interest statement, property taxes paid, homeowner's insurance, HOA fees, and other expenses paid

16. mileage on your car used for rental purposes AND total mileage driven, plus make/model of vehicle