Charitax. It’s what you get when you combine charity & tax. 

The end result is life change.

See, we are an accounting firm. But we have a specific purpose different than any other accounting firm. Our aim is to make every dollar count. We do this in two ways – by saving you time and money with our professional accounting services and, in turn, using profits to make a difference locally and globally. As a company, we are just excited to serve others. And we’re not as interested in making a dollar as we are making a difference! Partner with us and you get to be a part of that change - part of the story of the individuals we help. Together, we’ll change lives!

So how does it work? Glad you asked. Every tax season we choose specific charities or a particular cause to support. And part of of every invoice goes to support it. Simple!

We've supported many organizations doing awesome work around the globe. Worthwhile stuff like water causes, missions trips, humanitarian relief efforts, food pantry work, and more. Here are some great charities we've supported in the past.

For the 2015 tax season, we are bringing things local... read on below!  


Giving Back Locally

Continuing our theme from last year, we want to bring the giving back locally. We're not necessarily targeting a specific organization but rather, we're keeping our antenna up for local needs. There are so many needs around us - we want to do our part in meeting as many as we can. This might be paying a medical bill for a sick kid, getting financial relief to a struggling family, giving some supplies to the homeless, spotting a family in line at the grocery store and blessing them with some food, etc. Lots of possibilities! Who knows -- the point is to do good and spread love to others! Can't wait to share stories of those we help this year!

If you missed it, check out this email from our founder, Eric, regarding a way that we help several families from the 2014 tax season! And then sign up to get fun emails from us below!!